About Us

About Us

We at Zenexta-Rx have built a strong foundation in India by launching, registering, distributing innovative drugs and Nutraceuticals in the Pediatric, Orthopedic, Neurocare and Gynecology segment. We also manufacture Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredient and Finished Dose Formulation with GMP certified manufacturing unit.. Zenexta-Rx has an experienced, dedicated, and motivated team of professionals with strong product knowledge and tremendous industry experience. Our team is passionate about healthcare, our mission is to bring world-class pharmaceutical products to the patient worldwide.

We are a highly vertically integrated pharmaceutical company. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art facility that allows us to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies at each stage of the business cycle. In addition to our manufacturing solutions, we also offer marketing and distribution, product registration, contract manufacturing, in-licensing and out-licensing.

Zenexta-Rx has built a strong foundation in India by launching and distributing innovative drugs in the critical care and neuro segments. With a network spanning more than 02 countries, we are known for proliferating reliable and diverse therapies that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Zenexta-Rx began as a partnership between three highly experience companies, and its Partnership continues to grow and evolve, leveraging learning’s and expertise to bring the best the world has on offer to India.

Zenexta-Rx’s mission is to help save lives through the development and distribution of groundbreaking products. We aim to provide innovative products at optimal pricing, to suit a wide range of customers in the Pediatric, Orthopedic, Neurocare and Gynecology segments. Our top priority is always the requirements of medical professionals and their patients; at Zenexta-Rx we strive to emphasize the ‘U’ before the ‘I’.

Zenexta-Rx is entirely invested in becoming a leading name in India and beyond. We provide a unique product range for our extensive customers, and are constantly looking for better ways to connect with new partners globally. Count on us to fulfill the unmet needs of Indian patients.

Marketing & Distribution

We leverage on-the-ground learning’s and technology, adapting our approach for each individual company and product.

Product Registration

We bring new and innovative products to India from the world over, adhering to established local guidelines and processes.

Contract Manufacturing

We’re proponents of “make in India”, whether that be at our state-of-the-art facility or our well-reputed local partner's.

In-Licensing And Out-Licensing

We share the financial and technological aspects of developing a drug and launching it in new marke

Our Products


To proliferate proven, high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical products at affordable prices, with a particular focus on the critical care segments like Pediatric, Orthopedic, Neurocare and Gynecology


To serve patients and save lives in the ICU by unlocking the vast medicinal properties that nature has to offer through our Neutraceutical products.

Our Beliefs
Create Value

For patients, medical practitioners & stakeholders alike

Foster Competition

To enable affordable access to pharmaceuticals

Ensure Quality

Maintain integrity to increase positive health outcomes

Collaborate across borders

To leverage learnings and work with cutting edge technology

Encourage innovation

that is ground-breaking and environmentally sustainable

Nurture partnerships

that are long-lasting, based on trust, communication and shared values

  • Integrity

    Right from induction, employees are given to understand the importance of the work culture and the pivotal role of integrity towards this. Our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and our practices in line with it are a reflection of our integrity. This has created immense trust among the customers and industry at large.

  • Innovation

    We drive small and large changes with a desire to make a meaningful difference in all that we do.

  • Quality

    We are committed to ensure the highest standards of quality and excellence in delivering services.

  • Respect

    Zenexta Rx is bound to help patients from underprivileged and economically difficult backgrounds. Many patients are benefiting every year with our efferts in this service. While our medicines are affordably priced, we aid patients who would still not be able to access them, keeping in mind our core value of respect and our commitment to operate with care and concern.

  • Transparency

    We have always been open in our statements and outlook to stakeholders, keeping in mind the significance of building a long-term relationship. Specially, with our investors and financial analysts we always articulated both the company’s strategy and weaknesses in our business to provide a holistic overview.

  • Team Work

    We focus on goal oriented performance demanding of ourselves and each other because our work can impact everyone's lives.

Join Our Team

we believe in business growth
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships
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Director - Marketing
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Director - Sales
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Director - Finance
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